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Sweet !
I can’t explain my feelings right now,no word can express you.
I feel like I could explode when I look into your eyes, take responsibility for my love...

...My love will burn everything up like a fire, like a fire. Just for you alone, like a fire, like a fire.
I’ll burn everything up, like a fire, like a fire. I love you till the end of the sun, like a fire, like a fire.

Like a Fire - SHINee
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blink, blink, blink…

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140815 SMTOWN IN SEOUL rehearsal - Minho wearing high heels. cr:zusehen

140814 Minho, Taemin, Key - SMTown Rehearsal

@siwon1987: SM TOWN :^)

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Taemin’s MV ‘Danger’ will be released on August 16th at midnight through Taemin’s official website and SMTown YouTube Channel.

El MV de “Danger” será lanzado el 16 de Agosto a la media noche, a través del sitio oficial de Taemin y el canal oficial de YouTube de SMTown.”

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Taemin 태민 The 1st Mini Album Ace  Highlight  Medley

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41/ photos of Choi Minho.



@AllRiseSilver: Everybody check this out! ma first dance video! with won&kasper&beat burger!!!! …

@donghae861015: Hyuk-ah, it’s cool ~~ Let me do it too, I want to do it. ㅎ

@siwon407: Oh.

@zhoumi_419: Ya……Hyukhyuhyukjae, this is really cool~ !!

@ryeong9: It’s Chocolate Bonbon ~~^^ good E !